About Us

Optime Group are fundamentally changing the way businesses approach temporary recruitment.

Who We Are

Sourcing a temporary labour provider has become a stale and uninspiring prospect for a lot of businesses in the UK – Optime Group offer a refreshing solution centred around technology and data.

We know that data is a huge asset for businesses – Especially when it comes to decision-making. We are committed to providing real-time insight on all aspects of your temporary labour supply – Meaning you can stay in control of spend, audit compliance and monitor our performance at any time. The relationship we have with our clients is built on this transparency and enables us to become a long-term contributor to their success.

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Social Responsibility

Optime Group are committed to delivering ethical and responsible practices right across our business. We actively audit our processes against employment legislation, including compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. We are so confident in our procedures that we allow all of our clients to audit us at any time through our online portal. Here, you can view Right to Work documents for all your temporary staff and track their Agency Worker Regulations (AWR).

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